Bingo Dates

Below are the dates you will find on

Please click the SIGNUP below after reading the instructions. 

September 10 - Sunday Evening (Initiation)
September 30 - Saturday Evening (Novice)
October 22 - Sunday Afternoon (Atom)
October 28 - Saturday Evening (PeeWee)
November 10 - Friday Evening (Initiation)
November 25 - Saturday Evening (Atom)
December 3 - Sunday Afternoon (Novice)
December 15 - Friday Evening Special (PeeWee)
January 5 - Friday Evening (Novice)
January 27 - Saturday Afternoon (Initiation)
February 8 - Thursday Evening (Atom)
February 24 - Saturday Evening (PeeWee)
March 10 - Saturday Evening (Initiation)
March 25 - Sunday Afternoon (Atom)
April 6 - Friday Evening (Novice)
2017/2018 Bingo Volunteer Requirements
1 child - 4 bingos                               
2 children - 7 bingos                                            
3+ children - 10 bingos
These must be completed between April 1/2017 to March 31/2018. (As well including the April 6/2018 Bingo for this season) If any of your bingo volunteer commitments are not completed by this date, your volunteer deposit cheques will be cashed on Monday, April 9/2018.
Assigned Bingos:
The MMHA Executive Board made a decision for the 2017/2018 season to assign Bingos to divisions. The number of bingo spots available to be worked is very close to the amount of volunteer commitments members need to fulfill. Due to this, you many only sign up for your required number of spots.
Sign up for your spots only on Bingo Dates assigned to your child(rens) Divisions, and use the SWAP button to trade with someone in a different division on a different date if necessary.
Example if you have two children playing:
1st/oldest child plays atom (choose 4 spots assigned to ATOM)
2nd child plays novice (choose 3 spots assigned to NOVICE)
Sign up is on a first come first serve basis. If you have one child in the association and want to come with yourself and three others to fulfill all your commitments at one time - if the spots are available on a date assigned to your team, you may sign up for them. BE SURE TO SIGN UP EACH PERSON INDIVIDUALLY BECAUSE WE NEED EACH ONE OF THEIR NAMES.
Anyone wanting to work spots beyond their required number of volunteer commitments, and/or if you are willing to have your name on a last minute call list in the event of somebody having an emergency or a no show, please contact
 We will keep your name on a list and will contact you if extra spots become available. These extra volunteer credits each count as a $25.00 towards your registration for the 2018/2019 season. They do not carry forward as volunteer commitments worked for the 2018/2019 season.
SWAP is a feature of that allows you to put out a request to other members with the click of a few buttons notifying them you are looking to change dates with someone else.
All bingos will be “locked” 72 hours prior to their start. This means nobody signed up can remove themselves or SWAP with anyone else after this time. So if you have signed up and end up with a scheduling conflict, be sure to complete your SWAP request well before the date locks.
If you have a scheduling conflict and are unable to work, and do not use the SWAP feature before the bingo is locked, you are still required to find your own replacement and report it to absolutely no later than 72 hours prior to the bingo start. Remember we are all volunteers and you are responsible to find your own replacement.
Requested Positions & Signing up others to work on your behalf:
You may request a preferred position under comments. We will do our best to accommodate, however it does not guarantee you that position.
You may sign up someone else on your behalf following these instructions. If they are not a member of the Millet Minor Hockey Association they may NOT work any cash cage (behind glass) positions as per AGLC Regulations. If they are not a member and are not willing to walk the floor, you may not sign them up.  The Advisor of the Bingo Hall as well as the Chairperson from our Association, are both responsible for writing up members of our association and non-members for violations of hall conduct listed below. Please keep this in mind when sending others, and ensure you are providing volunteers who will co-operate and represent our association well on your behalf. 
When signing up someone other than yourself who is working for you, enter their name, not yours. The form will request what player they are working for and we will track volunteer commitments by that, again - BE SURE TO ENTER THE COMPLETE FIRST AND LAST NAME OF THE CHILD YOU WORK WORKING FOR.
Signing Up Of Minors:
You may not sign up a minor (at least 14 years of age) without first contacting A maximum of two minors are permitted for each bingo, so we will check the schedule and if it allows will give you permission to sign them up. If given permission, make sure to put “MINOR” behind their last name.
Upon Arriving - Sign in:
When arriving at the Bingo Hall, please come see the chairperson behind the front window to sign in before ordering your food. It is AGLC regulations that the sign in sheet stay in the cash cage. Secondarily, it lets the chairperson know who all is there so positions can be shifted or calls can be made in the event of a no show.
MMHA will pay for a meal and a drink for each volunteer.  Please remember that this comes out of our profits for the bingo, so must be kept at that.  All positions require approximately 15 minutes of preparation before the bingo begins so you need to be done eating by 5:45. There is no eating once the bingo has begun. This rule is strictly enforced and as such, if you arrive after the times stated above you will not be able to order food. 
Hall Conduct & Responsibility:
The bingo hall has strict guidelines for volunteers when working - such as locking up personal items, no talking on cell phones, being present and reacting quickly to the needs of the customers.  It is a place of business, and must be treated as such.  Everyone likes to visit from time to time, but the bingo customers come first.  Please adhere to these guidelines to prevent the hall from having to write up our association. 
A no show could also cause us to be written up, which is why it is very important that you take you full responsibility for signing up, showing up or providing your own replacement within the time frames listed above. A write up could result in loss of bingo privileges and in turn a loss of income which is vital for the Millet Minor Hockey Association to operate.
Afternoon Bingo Information:
Arrive 11:00 AM at the latest if you are having a meal before working
Arrive 11:30 AM if you are not eating
Evening Bingo Information:
Arrive 5:00 PM at the latest if you are having a meal before working
Arrive 5:30 PM if you are not having a meal
Peace Hills Bingo Hall 4708 - 57 Street Wetaskiwin AB T9A 2B7 (behind McDonalds)
You will receive a confirmation email from in the week prior to dates you have signed up for.
You will also receive a text message from the chairperson the day before, or the day of confirming your attendance.
Please email the coordinator if yo have questions or need assistance. 
Thank you for signing up for your Bingo Volunteer Commitments!


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