How do I know if Millet is the Local Minor Hockey Association my child should be applying in?

Hockey Alberta has set boundaries that each Association draws their player base from. If you reside within the Town of Millet, your child plays in Millet. If you live outside the Town of Millet, please send the registrar an email with your legal land description prior to registering, so it can be verified whether you fall within our boundary.


Who is your association ran and governed by?

All the positions in our association are filled by volunteers, most of whom are parents and guardians of the players. Our current Executive Board Team consists of 13 members who meet monthly.

As an association, we are governed by Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta rules and regulations.  This handbook is only a guideline and does not override Hockey Alberta, Hockey Canada or Alberta Gaming rules and guidelines. 


How do I complete my registration?

Registration is done online


How old does my child have to be?

4 years old as of December 31 of the current year, and no older than 17 as of December 31 of the current year.


My child is a new or just starting to learn skater, is that ok?

You bet! All kids start at the beginning. We do encourage you to attend public skating with your child to give them a bit of extra help at the beginning if they are a brand-new skater or register them in a learn to skate program alongside hockey.


What team will my child be on?

Your child will be in the division according to their year of birth as set out on our registration page. If there are too many kids for one team and enough for two within a division, two teams will be created, and evaluations will be held for the divisions of Atom and up. The decision of whether to create two teams at the Initiation and Novice levels based on registration numbers, will made on a year by year basis.

For the 2018/2019 Season MMHA will have the following teams:



Atom 1

Atom 2


All these teams with the exception of Initiation, play within the Northern Alberta Interlock League.


Who will my main contact person be?

Please contact the registrar for anything registration related.

Your coordinator or team manager will contact you prior to season start to let you know any pertinent information. These will be the two people who will help you navigate the remainder of the season.


When does the season start and when is the schedule released?

Typically, the 3rd week in September. We aim to have the practice schedule available to you for the end of August.

For the 2018/19 Season, our Novice, Atom & Peewee teams will be playing in the Northern Alberta Interlock League. They create our game schedules and they are set to be released as follows for the upcoming season:

Sept 25 - October 9th the pre-season schedule is released

October 23rd to November 20th the regular season schedule is released

Note these dates are subject to change depending on the amount of revisions that NAI needs to make to the schedule due to tiering changes.

All Initiation Games scheduled by the MMHA Coordinator or Manager, are exhibition games booked with other like caliber teams in the area.


When does the season end?

Near the end of March. The League does their best to schedule the games, so they are completed before spring break begins.


How many times a week will my child be on the ice for practice and games?

Initiation: 2

These are normally both practices before Christmas, after Christmas 1 practice during the week and 1 game on the weekend.

Novice, Atom & Peewee: 3-4

2 Practices a week and 1-2 games on the weekend.


Do I have to stay at the rink during practices and games?

Yes, always - unless you have made arrangements with another parent to be in charge of your child. It is not a babysitting service. You are required to dress your child before games and practices until they are of an age and within a division where they can dress themselves, and coaches have stated they do not require or want parents to be in the dressing room prior to practices and games.


What equipment does my child need?

This site is a great resource to help you with your equipment questions.

If you would like a recommendation on where to purchase used/new equipment locally please send us an email.

Please also remember to provide a labeled water bottle for your child.

Millet Minor Hockey will provide the players with a jersey and socks for games.

If you would like to purchase name bars for the back of your child's jersey, there will be an opportunity to do so at the beginning of the season. More details to follow.


What steps do I take if I am interested in coaching?

Please refer to the coaching application/registration section on website to have these questions answered.


What MMHA events happen throughout the year?

This is an example of what has happened in years past and is subject to changes.

Harvest Parade Participation

Welcome Back Party

Santa Skate

Picture Night

Hockey Day in Millet

Team Home/Away Tournaments

Chili Cook Off


When are my hockey fees due by?

November 1st

Payment Options are: Credit Card, E-transfer, Cash & Cheque

Credit Card: Credit Card payments can be made at any time by logging into your RAMP account under 'Pay Outstanding Balances.'

E-Transfer: send to payments@milletminorhockey.com

Please enter: hockey as the security question answer and enter your child's last name in the comment section.


Is there financial assistance available?

Please refer to the registration page where financial assistance options are listed. If you are in need of financial assistance to purchase equipment, there is a fund we can refer you to which may be able to help you out. Please contact the registrar for information.


What are the Volunteer Requirements?

2018/2019 Is the first year that our association is piloting a new points system for Volunteer Requirements. There is a certain number of points required per player, and a value of points awarded for positions filled and bingos worked. These points will be tracked by your division coordinator and the fundraising/volunteer coordinator.

This system was presented to the general membership at our most recent AGM and there was a majority vote in favor that we implement this for the upcoming season. We have done our best to come up with this and will look for feedback at our next AGM in 2019 as to how it worked out.


Points Required per player:

1 player: 1600 points

2 players: 2800 points

3 players: 4000 points


Points Value

Active Governor: 1200

Board Member: 1200

Head Coach: 800

Manager: 800

Assistant Coach: 500

Home Tournament Coordinator: 400

Jersey Parent: 200

Time Box (each, excluding tournament time box shifts):50

Bingo (each): 400

Bingo Chairperson (each): 500


On April 30th of each year is when points are tallied. The new season begins on May 1st each year.

On April 30th, every point above your total needed for the year will credit your next years fees by $0.0625 per point over.

Alternately, for every point you are short for your years total, $0.50 per point will be added to your next years fees.

4 x $200 volunteer deposit cheques per family are to be provided at the start of year for anyone not completing their volunteer commitments. These will be held by MMHA for the season and returned to families who have completed their volunteer requirements in full.

2 positions only are to be credited to each individual, with a maximum of 2 members per family holding positions (the 2 highest ones, excluding time box and bingo) IE: Coach and Governor = 800+1200 points.

Coaches: both head coach and assistants must be present at majority of practices and games to be eligible for points. There will be a maximum number of assistant coaches receiving points per team. This process is yet to be determined.

Time box: 2 people per game for Initiation & Novice / 3 people per game for Atom & Peewee

Board discretion will be used for issues that arise.

Please keep in mind our association is run entirely by parent volunteers and it should not be expected that other families do the work, so your child can play hockey. We know how busy everyone is, but we all have the same number of hours in each day and a life outside of hockey as well. No one’s outside obligations are more important than the next persons. There are many tasks that still need to be completed for teams to have a successful season and the association to run outside of the mandatory volunteer requirements stated here and everyone needs to contribute to make this happen.



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